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  • The Best Of You: To Lower Your Risk, Start here! April 13, 2018
    The Best Of You: To Lower Your Risk, Start here!:              LOWER YOU RISK FOR ALZHEIMER'S Parade Magazine article on steps to reduce risk of Alzheimer's: Know your numbers ...
  • To Lower Your Risk, Start here! April 13, 2018
                 LOWER YOU RISK FOR ALZHEIMER'SParade Magazine article on steps to reduce risk of Alzheimer's:Know your numbers - get basic blood tests, learn your blood pressure, and body mass index.Take a cognitive test - one you can take at home, 15 minute SAGE test (for a link, go to alzu.org)Hang on to your muscle - […]
  • Untitled January 24, 2018
    Thought for the day:Being we are in a political climate every day, I found some GREAT TRUTHS and here is one that is clever:"GIVING MONEY AND POWER TO GOVERNMENT IS LIKE GIVING WHISKEY   AND CAR KEYS TO TEENAGE BOYS."   P.J. O'Rourke 

Welcome to Healthy Habits

Tom and I absolutely love our Shaklee business. I have always been involved with physical fitness. Always been active with aerobics, biking, tennis and all those other things that are fun.

When Shaklee came along, it was a real fit for us as we believed your health is everything. Without it you do not have a good quality of life.

We lived in the downriver area most of our lives. Raised 3 beautiful children and now have 5 grandchildren. Shaklee has given us an opportunity to develop a home business and have fun doing it.

The philosophy of Shaklee is so unique and we are proud to represent a company that has a concern for people and the world. They not only offer good health but an opportunity to share the Shaklee effect with others. What is that effect? Whatever we do affects the environment, our family, and everyone involved in our lives.

To have a business that offers you not only monetary needs but to be able to go on trips and meet positive people and share the same purpose is UNIQUE.

Travel has always been special to Tom and me and we love to travel with Shaklee. A couple of other things about Shaklee is we have a retirement plan with Shaklee besides being able to pass a business onto our heirs when we have departed. We love Dr. Shaklee who founded Shaklee in 1956 and we love the Shaklee products!  

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