Meet Tom & Harriet!

I was a stay at home mom who raised 3 children.  I had always kept my secretarial skills and wanted to get back into the work world. After a number of part time positions, I was employed as an administrative assistant with a large corporation.  After a few years, I knew I was not in a position where I loved what I was doing.  My prayers must have been answered as I was laid off and was very unhappy.  Tom had- always been very supportive of me and whatever I wanted to accomplish, he was there.  Enter Shaklee!
A good friend of ours, Ann, introduced us to Shaklee.  Tom had attended high school with Ann and we met again at a high school 25 year class reunion.  Ann kept telling me about Shaklee, how wonderful the products were, the income, the great trips and always mailed postcards to us whenever she was traveling.  Being laid off, I started to listen to Ann and I am so glad we did.  After testing the products and studying the business plan, Tom and I saw the opportunity in Shaklee and our career began.  We didn’t have many health issues, just the typical low energy, a few pounds we wanted to shed, periodic sinus problems but we were healthy.  After starting a nutrition program, we were convinced that these products work.  


Shaklee is a different company. We love the philosophy, In Harmony with Nature.  We believe in Shaklee and believe we can make a difference in our world.  I guess I was always searching for Shaklee but didn’t realize it.  Our goal is financial freedom, to be able to help our family, a home improvement, a grandchild going to college or where ever there is a need.  Shaklee can be a part time job for students going to school, a stay at home mom like I was, retired people or maybe just to help with a mortgage payment. You can see that Shaklee can be for anyone who would like to make a change in their lifestyle. Our  mission is to provide a healthier and better life for everyone.

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